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Fear Of Dead Love

At night my death is awaken
The fear of dead love swallows me whole
My curse is stirred

In your sleep you never looked so beautiful
My lips graze your necks soft skin.
I love you an I am scared but your lifetime is not enough
You'll die, but not like me, I'll always be here
I see my heart in your eyes
The heart that you will hold forever

As my teeth sink in
The curse devours you
Your love is my greatest ambition
My life cant go black
I see the sun in you

I lift my mouth to see the scar of forever
Our love is now immortal
Your warm blood satisfies my tongue and trickles down my chin.
Your immortal beauty always with me
You bring a filling to my hallow chest
You taught me love
I took your life
Our love can live
I love you forever and always as you twist and turn through the night
Awake my love!
Our first day of life has begun.

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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