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Rhyme session, y'all
Put spit through the mic mesh and all
Time for confessional
Break down the fourth wall
We highly touted
Lauded for audible slaughter
Of all past recorded material on the market
Recycle your garbage into post-consumer product
The shit they're spitting at the youth is nonsense
That's why we choose to pursue the conquest
With the truest conduct
And views to wake people's minds up
Get the groupies lined up
If you can't figure out what time it is
Then dude your time's up
And your Movado says the
Same thing as my Snoopy wind-up
Yo take these words to heart
They're more than just some cute reminder
Dujeous' track record's longer than anacondas

We don't do this just to pass time
So when I blast mine
Put your hands up
Like it's the last time
You know we birth rhyme
And even though it hurts, I'm
Rockin' for you like it's my first time

The first time I got hit like the last time
Leaking out the iron-cast rind
Always getting in fights
It's not right
These are fast times
Been living at night
But for the first time
I know that I'm remembering right
I duel discipline now
I used to have it for thinking and drinking, now
I'm thinking, drinking and inking
Rollin' with funk, stink 'n 'em
And I'm an idea machine on a springboard with cleats
It's thin ice I dine on when fixin' ends meat
I will accomplish before I compete
'Cause the first time was incomplete
Perhaps it took a drink and a seat
But now it's salutations, time, we meet

The first time I touched the sky
Comets streaking off the
Side of the highway
No time for thinking why?
Just a second of breath
Knocked out, wind-swept
Rep changed from the average to the man who cheated death
The first time my face felt concrete
And stepped out my body
To observe the situation was a mess, though
The melodrama in the hospital was fresh
With Billy Joel in the speakers
Simple surgeons on my right and left
I might have just stopped my heart for thirty secs
But I came back to New York state of mind since I first left
Soon I was taking my first steps
Painkillers got abandoned
Soon as I went back to burning
Concerning my friends, family and higher learning
Was the fact that reality happened to have me turning to a higher power
I learned to ask questions
The first not the last time I had to be tested

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