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Fist Of The Iconoclast

The dogmatic illusion
Fixed in the minds of millions
Of a higher and greater power
Will be erased by the scourge of god

Tread upon a beaten and narrow path
A fistful of words to defend till death
A god, a doctrine programmed in your head
Predetermined, still you follow blindly

Feel the fist of hatred
Bringing down your faith and false perceptions

Through soiled heavens
Across false worlds devastated by purification
Your holiness, upraised and nailed in sight
Condemned to death to manifest all hopelessness

Invoking the terror inception
Breach the heavens
Destroying intellectual servitude
Iconoclasts stand where divinity lay in ruins
Maim your faith, burning your cross
Streaks of blood stain the face of your god
Your creator has fallen
Martyred against the will of man

Utter obedience of submissive disciples
Sets the stage for disheartenment
As your belief system is aborted
Laid to waste in our attack
For the fist of the iconoclast
Will crush all consolation

Raise clenched fists in the name of hatred?

God has failed, god has failed?
Holy humanity descending into agony
Your demise, your collapse
Is the truth of the lie?

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