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Flame of Love

For such a long time
I have been trying to find you
But it never came into my mind
You would be there that afternoon
Passing by, so close, so soon

So beautiful
No way I can forget
Just how I felt on the day we met
When I looked into your eyes
And saw how bright the light

It touched my heart with fire
The magic of desire
I felt the flame of love

Now this flame will light my way
Shining brightly every day
With no shame at all I say
That I need you for evermore

I dreamt of you all night
Until the morning light
You tamed my body with your eyes
A strange and sweet sensation that
I am yours and you are mine

So beautiful
I'll keep inside for good

I'll never erase this perfect mood
That only you could make me feel
And I discovered our love

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