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Friday Night

Friday night is here and I'm drunk once again
The girl I like is next door doing a blow job on my friend
But I am having fun and my head spins around
Now we're gonna go downtown but first a stop at Royal Pub
I am crawling like a rat
Until I end up on my back
And tonight I'm gonna burn the town down
So beat me up if you don't want me around
Someone's throwing up and another is totally out
But that is how it's suppose to be 'cause it is friday night
Soon the cops will come, they always do
We're hanging outside McDonalds 'cause we have nothing else to do
Friday night is over but I aint getting sober
I'm pretty sure I had a good time but now it's over
And as I walk through the city in the street light
Gone in my head, I want my bed, I think about next friday night

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