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Fuck You Right Back

(spoken) you know there are two sides to every story...
See, I told no-one
You're cryin' like a bitch
Talkin' shit- like a snitch

Who are you, to write a song about me?
If you really didn't care,
You wouldn't wanna share
Tellin' everybody just how you feel.

Chorus (1)
Fuck what I did, it was your fault somehow
Fuck the presents i've thrown all that shit out
Fuck all the crying, it didn't mean jack
Well, guess what ya'll?
Fuck you right back!

You thought you could
Really make me moan?
I have better sex all alone!

I had to talk to your friends
Well you want me to come back,
You must be smoking crack,
I'm going elsewhere- and that's a fact.

Chorus (2)
Fuck all those nights, i'm all real now.
Fuck it I faked it, i'll rat you out!
Fuck all those nights you thought you thought you broke my back
Well, guess what ya'll? your sex was whack!

You questioned that I care-
Maybe I would have,
If you would've gone down on me.

Now it's over
But I do admit i'm glad,
I didn't catch your crabs
I can't pay you back
Coz now i'm too poor.

Chorus (1)

(spoken) you made me do this?

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