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(spoken) you know there are two sides to every story...
See, I donâ??t know why
You're cryin' like a bitch
Talkin' shit- like a snitch

Whyâ??d you write a song about me?
If you really didn't care,
You wouldn't wanna share
Tellin' everybody just how you feel.

Chorus (1)
Fuck what I did, it was your fault somehow
Fuck the presents I threw all that shit out
Fuck all the crying, it didnâ??t mean jack
Well, guess what yo?
Fuck you right back!

You thought you could
Really make me moan?
I have better sex all alone!

I had to talk to your friends
Now you want me to come back,
You must be smoking crack,
Iâ??m going elsewhere- and thatâ??s a fact.

Chorus (2)
Fuck all those nights, I moaned real loud.
Fuck it I faked it, or ripped you out!
Fuck all those nights you thought you thought you broke my back
Well, guess what joe? your sex was whack!

You questioned that I care-
Maybe I would have,
If you wouldâ??ve gone down on me.

Now itâ??s over
But I do admit iâ??m glad,
I didnâ??t catch your crabs
I canâ??t sweat that
Coz now iâ??m too poor.

Chorus (1)

(spoken) you made me do this?

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