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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Galactic Supremacy

Hear the call of pure ancient blood
The forces within - forces of heathen spirit
Which unite greater nature with own soul

For too long your true selves have slumbered
Imprisoned by insidious barricades of alien origin
When the blood calls, heed it's voice

Furor teutonicus
An immortal oroborous links past, present and future
Emanating from the axis of the sun's wheel
Forever turning, driving true destiny

To reach the stars
And conquer the greater whole
Universal dominion - galactic supremacy
Distant worlds await the first footsteps
Of Aryan explorers

The final goal
To expand beyond primitive beginnings
Leave this dying earth
To those who would destroy themselves

Eventual return
To a desolate, wasted planet
Finally cleansed by the beast's own greed
The centre of our galactic empire
Rebuilt from ashes of the past
And the steel of the future

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