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All my time has gone, stucked in this life
The city 'n' I am writing until the sun's rise
I'll stay for a long time is that a moment of brilliant.
Singing and Wondering...

Glory, where is it? 2x

All the paths have closed.
Is this the right night?
Waiting for some magic
I must keep trying
After I close my eyes I might realize
Here I go on my way

Glory, where is it? 2x

I don't know Who I've been
I don't know what I did
Is there somewhere to pray
I won't loose my faith
Maybe now I am singing but woried
I guess I'll go on my own so please
please tell me glory, telll me glory
where is it???

Here in this long night
between my own lines
Thinking thinking and wondering
When I lose my way
I don't know, but now
I'am read to restart, glad to move on
So please so please glory
tell me where is it?

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