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Go Deep (timbaland Remix)

Featuring missy elliot timbaland

Go deep
No sleep
All night
Go deep
Go deep
Real deep
Go deep
(repeat x2)

[janet verse one]
I'm feeling fine cause in time i'll be out tonight
I'm starting now making sure i look fine tonight
Call rene and boo gotta meet them soon
Tell t to call shawn
I'll be there at 1
When we show up
All the guys at the club
Wanna get our backs
We look good in black

[repeat chorus]

[janet - verse two]
I'm feeling high cause i'm outta control tonight (can you feel it)
(feeling high don't wanna stop)
Ooh he's got me moving
Dj grooving i feel way right
(grooving i don't wanna stop)
I'm getting freaked from behind
I don't even mind
Cause he's looking damn fine
Make him mine in time
Gotta take him home
When i get him all alone
I'll make him scream and moan (moan)

[repeat chorus]

We'll go deep
Get no sleep
And uh we'll til the (yea uh)
I'm feeling high tonight
Outta control tonight
I'm feeling high tonight
I feel high

[missy elliott]
I can go deeper than the river
Make a beat that will shiver
The back of your cars
The back of your jeeps (what)
The tip of your neck
The soles on your feet (what)
My ha-hat-rat-tat (uh)
Now duplicate that (what)
You sound wack
Here's a smack
Janet don't play that
Timbaland give me playback

[repeat chorus til fade]

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