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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Hate Crusade

You'll pay for what you done to me
My ultimate hate crusade
Now prepare to meet your doom
Death is coming soon
Suffering for atonement
Cruel and merciless
No - I won't stop hunting
`Till you made your last breath

Beware me -
I'll get you -
There is no place to hide
You have no alternative
Bleed for me soon you'll die
Beware me -
I'll get you -
This war has made me strong
Death to all who were against me -
Battle will be fought and won
Hyper blasting violence
Sets aggressions free
Death to all disbelievers
Start the killing spree
Sadistic acts of revenge
Raped you left behind
In my world there always be
No place for your kind

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