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Now it's done - they sucked me out
And I have nothing, nothing is left
My friend, yeah, my best friend
First time I need help -
I needed somebody
And my f..... whore
Anyway, it's better she is gone
Bitch - that f..... Bitch
But I know what you want
I've got an operation on my knee - not on my head
I give you what you want
F.... Assw....
I know what you deserve...

All the lies I have to hear
Sicken my mind, they creep into my ears
Politician you suck me out
You let us bleed, we're the dying crowd
Fuckin Lady you broke my heart
Betrayed my soul, tearin'it apart
Sold my life for a smile not more
Now I kick you back like you did before

You want hate? - Call my number
I got Hate, I got Hate 4 you
You want Hate? - Call my number
So much hate, 4 this god damned whore

Had a friend who turned to foe
I needed help, but he said: - NO
Now I have lost my faith in you
I turned around, there's nothing more to do
Donate your heart and lose it all
Seems we climb the mountain just to fall
There was a time so full of trust
But all this gold was turning into dust

I remember your face, smilin'at mine
But behind your holy mask there's an evil mind
In your heart in your guts there's no more honesty
Your egoism your cruel lies stole my energy

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