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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Helga Ve Thetta Ok Hindra All Illska

In silence I stand alone
The creed of iron emerging
I walk in a circle to the north
East, south and west
With the hallowing hammer held high
I recite ancient works
My mind consecrates, sign of the hammer forms
Banishing all influences unholy and impure
My will to the just service of Wotan
Ancient god of my people

I light the sacred fires, hear thee this day
I pay tribute to you, and the high ones
Of the Aesir and the Vanir
Let knowledge of our blood be clearly known
Fire of cleaning, and creation
Embraced by the eternal mysteries
Through thy symbols eternal

I summon thee now
Wisdom and counsel I seek
My ancestors gather around me
My ceremonial drum beats stronger
The evergreen spring I touch
I receive blessings from Thor
Randomly runes appear to guide and protect
Hail the Norns, I feel the blessing of Frigga

I give honour to my fathers and mothers
I hail my brothers and sisters
I embrace my sons and daughters
Drinking from the horn of strength
My sword held high to the sky
I give honour to thee not as many but as one
United in a kindred spirit of our folk

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