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Helgvar (An Ancestral Story)

Fire, I don┬'t feel the flames of hell
I don┬'t feel the pain
Black, the colour of ancestral skies
The symbol of memory erased
From the beginning to the end
To nightfall, to nightfall
Across the darkness, to nightfall
Free yourself in the sky
From the hell to the sky
To nightfall, to nightfall

I am a Berserk and the story of Helgvar war
Is engraved in my spirit
I can┬'t remember the past
I┬'m searching the revenge lord of my thoughts

Cream, the darkness is knocking your door
I┬'m ready to fight
Rage, the adrenalin of my mind
The power of the sword in my hands
Dreams in the night of a dragon that┬'s dying
While I┬'m pouring the rain in a chalice of of pain
Lost in the time when the grave is the way
I┬'ll decide of my fate of my life
I feel the wind in my hands, on my skin
My soul is dying, I┬'m dying

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