Millones de Letras de canciones y videos
Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

My Captains been caught cavorting
With the women in the port
And now he'll be dancing
The hempen jig!
I don't want to die!
I shall repent I'll do the time
I give my word to God
He'll chuck it back
Your word means nothing!

Can you see the woven cord of justice?
Swinging from the yard arm
In front of all to see
A brave man here
stands before the crowd
And pelted with rotten fruit
Not popular is he

And before I know the noose is thrown
Around my tender neck
And it bites down hard upon the shard
Of life I still have left
I am dancing the Hempen Jig!
And I'll testify, repent my crimes
Relinquish from my sins
And I have a last request
That's please save me!

The Governor strolls out from the docks
Across the crowd the crew I spot
Clutching sword and dagger
'neath their veils
I dangle from the rope and knot
I will not die I will not rot!
A darkened sense of wonder
fills my sails

An arrow strikes the cord
I lay crumpled on the shore
A rogue wave drags me out to sea
The ocean calls, is this the end?
Is this my destiny?

I get pulled into the depths
And all around the sirens bound
About the sunken wrecks
And I lay to rest my burning neck
Upon the sea floor bed
And I have a last request
That's please save me.

There's an ancient sailor myth
If when the mast the shit doth hit
And an ancient pact is made

Hats off to Davy Jones
The demon keeper
of the drowning souls
That he's never setting free
I'd rather sleep beneath the waves
let me
Rest. In. Peace.

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