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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Holiday Celebrate

Holiday (celebrate) madonnaholiday celebrateholiday celebratechorus:if we took a holidaytook some time to celebratejust one day out of lifeit would be, it would be so niceeverybody spread the wordwe're gonna have a celebrationall across the worldin every nationit's time for the good timesforget about the bad times, oh yeahone day to come togetherto release the pressurewe need a holiday(chorus)you can turn this world aroundand bring back all of those happy daysput your troubles downit's time to celebratelet love shineand we will finda way to come togetherand make things betterwe need a holiday(chorus)holiday celebrateholiday celebrate(chorus)holiday celebrateholiday celebrateholiday, celebrationcome together in every nationfrom: "ainsley, alicia & the kids" <bizbuddy@netusa1.net>

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