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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

I Heard Him Cry

Fire shine through my liquid sunlight,
thoughts of those I love hurt my head...
and with another golp I`ll wash 'em..
down, to stop them spinning me around...

I smell the sent of your bitterness so sweet,
Caress your body, caressing my needs,
the colors of gold that you show me,
bleed into seas I never see when you leave me...


Timeless I walk on a tightrope,
timeless I fall, timeless I hope.
Senceless my wonders and liquid is my dope,
but sence I wonder, so that's my hope

So shine on with me, you crazy diamond,
you cover what's real, 'caus you are my friend,
stayin' a time are we unlead,
are we are on fight my liquid sunlight shining inside...


Don't ask me why I'm flyin' so high man,
don't ask me why I'm leavin' you a lie,
Ask me where and why am I lying,
under the sun when the night is aside...


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