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I Hurt So Bad

I Hurt So Bad

My heart felt like a mountain crashing.
A dying victim of your crushing words.
My courage trampled by your good-bye.
My last shred of happiness, suppress by the closing of your heart's door.

I hurt so bad I can't describe it.
I can't breathe, and I can't hide it.
Will it ever fade? Is it here to stay?
Why must I hurt and feel this way?

You plucked your love from my native soul,
And ripped it from my pssionate heart.
I watched it wither and die, cold upon the floor,
Right before my tear filled eyes.


Now, in agony, our paths are parting, although I simply can't endure.
But, somewhere in the recent past, our paths began as friends,
And friends grew into lovers, and a love took hold
That grew so strong, I can't conceive it's deepness.


Torn apart, far to soon, in a way far to wrong,
Under a canopy of circumstances that crown it,
And bittersweet memories taht compound it.
A milestone in my life, one that I had rather miss.
Oh, I'd give anything, for just one embrace, and anything,
Anything, anything, for just one fleeting, stolen kiss.


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