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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

I live for you

you have spoken in the sunset

you have whispered words of comfort in the wind

you know everything about me

before my life began,

you hold me in your hand

you have walked these roads before me

you have known the pain a broken heart can bear

won't you help me now to trust you

every single day,

follow in your way

i live for you,

i live for you

when i think of all what your love has done for me

i live for you,

never looking back to what life used to be

i live for you and everything i ever thought was mine

i'd give it all away to have you in my life

i see you in the crystal waters

and i have felt you in the dark of my despair

you have shown a love unfailing

a river running deep that's swelling up in me

i know it's gonna take a sacrifice

i want to see the world through your eyes

i'll live for you

the rest of my life

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