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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

I Miss You With Me

Three a.m. and I'm all alone
I'd try to call but I doubt you're home
Not much has changed here on my end
Sure would be good to see you again
I know we had our fights
Nothing since has felt that right
I live my life from day to day
If I don't think too much, everything's OK

But I miss holding your hand
Miss going on walks, miss being your man
I miss watching you sleep
Guess I just miss you with me

I still drive that same ol' car
Still work at that run down bar
Still hang out with that same group of guys
And on Saturday nights we still go to that dive
It's been two months since I had a drink
Damn good for me don't you think
Oh it's been a year now since you've gone
Oh I tried my best but I can't move on


If you give me a second chance I'll never let you go
I've swallowed all my pride and now I've got to let you know


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