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I Wish You Love

Goodbye, no Use Leading With Our Chins
This Is Where Our Story Ends
Never Lovers, Ever Friends...
Goodbye, Let Our Hearts Call It a Day
But Before You Walk Away
I Sincerely Want to Say...
I Wish You Bluebirds in the Spring
To Give Your Heart a Song to Sing
And Then a Kiss, But More Than This, I Wish You Love!
And in July a Lemonade
To Cool You in Some Leafy Glade
I Wish You Health, and More Than Wealth, I Wish You Love!
My Breaking Heart and I Agree
That You and I Could Never Ever Be
So With My Best, My Very Best, I Set You Free!
I Wish You Shelter From the Storm
A Cozy Fire to Keep You Warm
But Most of All, But Most of All...
When Snowflakes Fall, I Wish You Wealth
I Wish You Health...i Wish You Love!

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