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Ice Cream Man

Well I?m a piece of white trash
living in the suburbs
working minimum wage
?cause I?m dumber than a turd
dropped out of fifth grade
living on welfare
I don?t have an ID
but I don?t really care
I couldn?t find a job
it really was quite tiring
and then I saw an ad
ice cream man now hiring
I took my mother?s mini-van
that stolen piece of crap
boom kiddies
the ice cream man is back

I am the ice cream man
Running over kids in my mini-van

Well I?m driving down the street
shootin? kids with a 40
Listen in closely
This is a good story
I guess a little skaterpunk
didn?t really like me
I said ?What you want??
and he said ?Bite me!?
so I took the scooper
and shoved it up his pooper
and he?s been limping for days
and I just sat
I sat and laughed
as the little punk waddled away

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