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I'm Dead

I woke up to a tune on the radio, check it
An old church hymn behind a breakbeat record (yeahhh)
Sounded kinda funky so i pumped it, right
But rudely interrupted by a neighborhood street fight
When will you motherfuckers quit?
Every motherfuckin mornin it's the same ol bullshit
I peeped to see the thrashin
Some nigga runnin with a butcher knife, screamin out
He ran by a friend of mine, it bugged him
His eyes showed fear, that's the reason why he stuck him
Anyway, that's how i seen it
You rarely see a nigga kill another nigga,
And he doesn't mean it
So that's the way i took it
Anyway the boy is dead, no matter how you look at it
And life goes on..
I was feelin kinda funny - aiyyo something's wrong
I went to take a shower duke
Bumped into the wall and i smooth went through
Now i'm thinkin i'm in trouble
I reached to touch my face, but i couldn't feel my beard stubble
I screamed, oh lord help!
Looked into the mirror and i couldn't see myself
I called up my mom's house
And realized somethin was wrong, no doubt
She picked up, said hello in a low tone
I said, hey ma! and she hung up the telephone
Sick and lookin weary
My cousin walks in, i said, what's up? but he didn't
Hear me
Started packin up my shit g
Looked at a picture of me, put it down and said, rest in
Realizin what he said man
I can't talk, i don't exist, i'm a dead man
Yeah i guess i'm dead right?
I'm goin to the cemetary to peep out action's gravesite
And sure enough, there it is
My mom and girl talkin, holdin on to brad's kids
I look into the box g
Son of a bitch! i don't believe it, that's me!
Momma kissed me on my head

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