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Imagina (en inglés)

Close your eyes
let your imagination float
! imagine!

happiness does not give visa card
your dreams and illusion go away if you live in a hurry
are exhausted to the beat of each note
as the time of your broken heart
and die your feelings
Imagine that you rewind to the past
fed up to remove
every mistake every wrong step taken
and believe me more than once and tried it
time is your most valuable asset
but wasted
and I watch the horizon and vanishes in my hands
I think it's normal that if we are human cagemos
Imagine if we all take every request in return (nothing)
that every story ends like in fairy tales
life shapes us lashing
love is the greatest mistake and the best thing that happened to
Imagine for a moment a life
without malice, without suffering
convert your boredom in humor
life is not shit
the shit is people
while some other stab you and betray you
imagine that not so for a moment
that what matters to you unless you were the most important
Imagine that you know the answers to all your questions
you win any bet
and that all people get together without distinction of any kind
it was at least pretty superficial

hates dreams imagined eyes see reality
heart to feel happiness closes his eyes fly with this rap
dreams that you imagine a world without a hint of evil (2x)

imagine that God exists and listens
that his silence left to listen
so when you want more fights
many are called the chosen few
who never gone to one of your loved ones
fight for what you imagine that no one can steal
ever since you have yours
each will have what he deserves (here)
scar get close all really happy
endless emotions
enjoy eternal youth
the feeling is not afraid of a coffin
to hide the darkness comes light
la salvación no se extinguió cuando Jesús lo clavaron en la cruz
people here do not lie is sincere
decide if you want to be in Otronen, summer, winter or spring
your really that way
each event will occur
blows kisses are replaced by
you are the master of your destiny
here there are no
violadores,federastas,terroristas ni asesinos
or no harm humanity gripped imagine
this is the place of eternal happiness
there are no laws that are not needed
when you want your best moment recurrence
as in a video game have infinite lives
and turn around the world, a world that no longer irritates you
imagine, imagine it having to be in solitude
you say what you think of truth
nobody can silence here
you are only thinking of you
sleep is not necessary to say that ecstasy
bn pa float fly away without cutting your wings
would not be necessary to cross if there were no bullets
without limit of time does not interest you old
in my song imagines he is a figment of your imagination

hates dreams imagined eyes see reality
heart to feel happiness closes his eyes fly with this rap
dreams that you imagine a world without a hint of evil (2x)

and that soil is always imagine a life
but I dream that everyone can be happy
imagine and dream always be my master here
where eternity never have to come to an end

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