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(feat. Coolio)


You niggaz can't fade this nutty-ass cutthroat Maad Circle villain

Leanin, scheamin in the Gremlin

Sippin on Mak Duk, on my way to Compton

to pick this nigga Coolio up

Two ski masks, on my left a nine

Nigga on my breath, money on my mind (yeah)

You god damn right motherfucker it's on again

Coolio what's the plan...


It's a motherfuckin come up, nigga load ya gun up

It's gonna be a stick-up, came up on the liquor

You know that bitch that I used to fuck -- named Theresa

(Yeah nigga, with the big ass butt)

Well her brother was a client of mine

Drive some turnaround trips back and forth to Vegas part time (yeah)

Well anyway I got a caper (uh)

And if we pull it off right we can come up on a stack of paper

Here go the plan: me, you, and him

cause the nigga drivin the bus is down with us

Call Crazy Toones and tell him to give you a ride

and drop you off on Manchester and Broadway, at half past five

Since old people don't trust young niggaz none

you gotta be disguised like a senior citizen

Don't worry about escape cause it's OK

I'll be chillin close behind all the motherfuckin way loc

And I don't wanna see you act up

but if anybody trip you better handle that shit


Nah man fuck this, this shit sound shady as fuck

You gon' fuck around and have us all stuck motherfucker


Quit actin like a hoe, and go get yo' fo'-fo' nigga

and let's make some dough, check this:

Nuttin plus nuttin equal none

Fool grab the motherfuckin money and run

[WC] Right come on

[Chorus: WC]

Diamond in the back, sun roof cracked

Tank on E, niggaz low on cash, oohh-woo

(some R&B sample) Straight jackin



So now it's goin accordin to plan

I'm on the back of the bus dressed like a senior citizen

Sittin on a bus full of old motherfuckers

Wavin they bibles singin, I love Jesus!

And now my concious is fuckin with me

cause I'm about to rob the entire gospel choir

And I ain't askin no questions

Whoever don't reply, I'm sendin em hollow point blessings

Cause I was told at seven on the dot

No matter the spot, to execute the plot

And my watch read 6:59

So aww shucky ducky, quack quack it's yo' time

Hands in the motherfuckin air! *pop pop pop*

This is a jack nigga, and I'm startin from the back

Necklaces, anklets to bracelets

to the Rolexes, I'm takin all they shit, huh

I had em shakin, steady fadin, money breakin

fillin my bag up with bacon

Lookin out the window at Coolio

yellin out a car on the side of the bus, Nigga c'mon!

Yo, we gon' handle this loc

I told him like Janet Jackson, I had it under control

But really I was bein greedy takin too long

So peep the next verse but first the chorus of song goes



Standin in the middle of the aisle

A rag full of papes and jewelry, bout to make my escape

Coolio wavin, C'mon nigga hurry up

before one-time swoop, and you get us all stuck!

Aight so now I'm on my way to the front

Bus driver, pull to the side or I might have to dump

He was down with us on our shady operation

So he pulled the bus over with no hesitation

But that's when the drama kicked in

Motherfucker take that! *blam* Damn I got shot in the back

Looked up and who did I see...

This bitch-made ass bus driver puttin slugs in Dub C

Twistin afflicted, burnin like syphillis

Lookin at death and I'm coughin up flesh

Ran to the car, Coolio I've been hit Huh...

I told you the shit sound like a motherfuckin twist!


Wait, what's wrong, what the FUCK GOIN ON?!

This nigga must be trippin, we gon' have to kill him

[WC] Cool here come nigga grab your gun

[Coolio] Alright, I'm gonna have me some fun

Forty-four in the right hand, nine in the left

So I put twelve rounds in his motherfuckin chest

I don't know if it's yo' birthday, but bitch here's yo' gift

That's what you get for the twist, yea

[Chorus x2]

[WC] Maad Circle nigga

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