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It's a New World

What a Beautiful Night, Isn't It? the Smell, Crickets, Ah! It Worries Me That We Are Tempering With What It Took Three-hundred Eighty Million Years to Create. We're Being Reckless With This W
Miraculous Balance of Nature.but I Have Great Faith in People. I Believe That If They're Told, If They Understand What's At Stake, They Will Make a Change. They Always Have. So This Is For You. You-you Who Have the Opportunity to Raise Your Voices and Do It Again. the Future Is in Your Hands...

It's a New World I See
A New World For Me
The Tears Have Rolled Off My Cheek
And Fears Fade Away
Every Time You Speak
A New World
Though We're in a Tiny Room
What a Visión of Joy
And Blossom and Bloom
A New Found Promise
One That Will Last
So I'm Holding On
And I'm Holding Fast
You Bring a New World to Me
The Way the World Should Be...

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