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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

It's My Life

You always said
Just do what you want
Live your own life
Like we never did
It all seemed
So great back then
But I was fooled
Cause said but you never did
Now I'm twenty and
Got a shitty job
Don't give a fuck
Cause my life's punk rock
Now your angry
What happened to free?
Open your eyes cause
My life's for me

How can you justify
Controlling my life?
How can you justify
Living in mine?

Cause it's my life so fuck off
and just go away yeah
And it's my life so
Please don't tell me how
You think I gotta live
Please don't fight
Please don't fight
Cause it's my fucking life

Criticism is your best advice
Don't need to hear about
Your way of life
Go to school get a job
Your dreams fall out of sight
Fuck you fuck that
I'm gonna live my own life

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