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Jogging In Hell

You thought it was a toothbrush
But it was a flashlight
Broke out all your teeth
In the middle of the night

When i was a boy
When i was a man
Eating in a boat
Dying in a dream
Jaking in a magic land
Thats made from shiny teeth
40 little girls and boys
Eating all their siblings toys
Waiting for a train inside
A russian immigration tank
Craving unpubescent narcoleptic
Peeled and sauted shrimp
Im feeling kind of nausious
Cause your mama was a pimpy man

Now im a toothless shitbag
But i can see at night
I hope aliens impregnate me
With a clone of wayne newton

Who is senator williams
What has he done for me
4 hits of bubble bath
Laced and cut with cheese
Pasturized with milk
Sedated with the danish
Cinnabun has just begun
To take over your teeth

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