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Just Friends

{humming to the music}
Girl i know this might seem strange
but let me know if i'm out of order for stepping to you this way
see i've been watchin' you for awhile
and i just gotta let you know that i'm really feelin' your style
cause i had to know your name
and leave you with my number
and i hope that you would call me someday
if you want you can give me yours too
and if you don't
well i ain't mad at you
we can still be cool, cause
i'm not tryin' to pressure you
just can't stop thinking about you
you ain't even really gotta be my girlfriend
i just want to know your name
and maybe sometime
we can hook up, hang out, just chill
Damn, i'm surprised that you called
cause the way you walked away
i thought i wasn't gonna see no more
since you didn't wanna give me your <?>
i thought that you were iggin'me
and wasn't diggin' me
but anyway
what you doin' tonight
i'll probably be with my peeps
if it's cool you may be able to swing by
and just chill with us
or you can just chill with me
as long as your comfortable
and you feel secure when your with me cause
Ohhh,ohhh ohhhh ohhh (repeat 2)
Baby, yeah
maybe we can
go see a movie girl
maybe we can hang out girl
what ever you want do it's up to you
Chorus (until end)

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