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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

King Just For A Day

Down and out again
It's nothing new
I guess it's always been this way, everyday
There's nothing I can do

I can't face the world again
Go back to bed
When you start with nothing
There's nothing that you can do
I just can't get ahead

With my back against the wall
I'm prepared to take the fall
I don't think I'll ever hear them say
King just for a day
If only once it would be nice
After all my sacrifice
Carved in stone above my grave
King just for a day

I've worked my life away
For someone else
Nothing to show for all my work
Like a jerk
I've done it all myself

Don't try to lend a hand
'Cause I'm too proud
I'm a self-made man,
A man that's turned into
A blank face in the crowd

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