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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Late Night Considerations

The peace I don't feel. The joy I have lost.
The anxiety that has taken hold of me.
The uncertainty I've found.
The way of being turned out to be existence.
Deprived of dreams and hope. Full of distrust.
Deprived of will to act.
Wrapped up in a destructive blanket which sooner or later
annihilates human nature.
Empty words kill me.
Artificial feelings overwhelm me.
I'm falling into the impossibility of thinking.
Those that made me live play with me.
They did it on purpose.
And I?
I don't oppose.
My thoughts are empty, my eyes blind and my heart deaf.
Can you fight the world with your heart alone?
Probably yes, but on condition that it the hypocrite's heart.
If only wonder if it's better to conquer the world of to give in?

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