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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Let There Be Darkness

Let there be darkness.
On the sixth day He
wrought man from the dirt
And gave him a heart-
lessness. Let there be darkness
and man do his part
to shape from the earth
creation's true nothingness.
Let there be dark

In the beginning
God made the end
Denying Satan
Annulling the abyss

Light over wastelands
The dome & the basin
Erasing all wholeness

God saw it was good
Because he couldn't see
Blind and mindless
Insane architect

Scattered the seeds
Ejaculated planets
Failed to account for
Death's immensity

At the end of the fourth day
The fatal word spoken
Fertile behemoth
Raven & vulture

Teeming ocean
Sky's ripe abundance
Yet the word lethal serum
When first human-uttered

Before God rested
Bequeathed his evil spawn
The blessing of a cancer cell
Dominion's metastasis

The divine image
Disease of the land
Encrusting earth's diversity
Genesis reversed.

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