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You can tell me secrets if you want to
But my house ain't got no ceiling
And my heart won't hold no lies
I'm not like everybody that you talk to
And I just might shoot your helicopter
Right out of the sky
I was so excited I would fall down in a pile
I'm always reminded every time I see you smile
Walking by I see you through your window

You're higher than a fever
And there's something on your mind
You're daydreaming through another winter
But the dreams that you keep leaning on
Have got to wait this time
I was so excited but that only lasts a while
I'm always reminded, now you're walking down the aisle

Baby, baby you make me so nervous
I think you do it on purpose
And you know you do

Lately I just don't think that it's worth it
Better call the taxidermist
You can tell me anything you want to
But I'm leaving in the morning
And that's the only thing that's true
Look at me up in your helicopter
All alone watching the city sinking slowly out of view

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