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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Live For The Little Things

One daybreak, one heartache

Every once-upon-a-time

That black dress, happiness

Bubble baths and quarter lines

They mean so much to everyone

But you count them up one by one

Clear midnights and this spotlight

Once thinking that your dad was ten feet tall

A blue bonnet, a braid on it

Quiet winters and leaves that always fall

Your black boots, my red flower ring

Live for the little things

Oil paintings and making

Every detail turn out bad

One last stands, new romance

Living for that love and person

Ohh, yeah


No fighting, black riding

Wish upon a star and give the moon a smile

Pretending, defending

Take a risk and go along for the ride

Strawberries and fairies with wings

Live for the little things

Na na na...

Oh, yeah

Na na na...

Ohh, yeah

Na na na...

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