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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Lonely Nights

Everything, I've grown to know
Memories, please don't go
I won't cry a tear, on this battle field
living for eternal sleep
You'll be the one to fall

Insults, escape your twisted mind
Lonely nights, you've gone away
Of your world, I start to fade
Victory will die
Eternity of lies

You wont, understand understand my world
Of the ones around me, you helped me move along
Under, all death I've seen
You helped me see, there is no hope

Human race prepare to die
Mercy start to say goodbye

With you around
I move along
When your away
I feel so astray
I'm better off dead

Help me become the light
Save me from myself from my life
Before I'm gone for good
Before my last goodbye

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