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Longing For Sorrow

Empty pages fill the space
But can't erase a face disgraced
Empty eyes filled with pain
Can't explain insane disdain
Tempting sins fuel the hate
Too late to contemplate my fate
Tempting darkness speaks at night
Shedding light, a sight so bright

Cautious 'til it's worse
Nauseous from the curse
When I'm feeling hollow
I'm longing for sorrow

Smothered voices swallow tears
To pierce the fears that no one hears
Smothered anger lost in rage
To cage a sage an outrage
Blackened shadows have been cast
Fade fast to outlast the past
Blackened thoughts of survival
An idol, a rival suicidal

The path is getting narrow
Overwhelmed by harrow
Still I choose to follow
I'm longing for sorrow

Creation's colors fade to black
Deal now with this maniac

Talking to the dirt
On the cemetery's earth
Will I see tomorrow?
I'm longing for sorrow.

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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