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Make Believe

before these lies take over
what did you see in me
someone to hold on to
or was i just make believe

i thought you were so dreamy
our love would never end
i trusted you and told you all
you were my best friend

killing me with your words
of hatred and despair
do you really know me
or did you just not care

sometimes when it's raining
i think of what we had
and i miss you so much right now
you were all that i had

no one showed affection
like you did before
and now that it has vanished
i love you even more

crying tears of wonderment
and dying in my heart
you were all that made me
now i'm fallin apart

i try to think that i dont care
but deep inside i know i do
i'm trying to forget this love
because it was so true

you made me feel beautiful
i thought that we would last
i saw you always, my future was you
i'd never put you in the past

you did this to me just because
you didn't know that it was real
but i hope that now i'm gone for good
you will see how i feel

it hurts for me to say this
but we both know it's true
no matter who you leave me for
i always will love you

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