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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Manos Arriba

Ain't gonna give you no line
Just gonna take back what's mine
First we start with the soul, yeah
An' then uh, maybe your gold
(Manos arriba, sucka!)
(Manos arriba)
You watch too much t.v.
You identify me
But I'm the one who done nothin'
So stop your huffin' an' puffin'
(Manos arriba sucka!)
(Manos arriba)
I heard it come on the squawk
You watchin' me like a hawk
I ain't got nothin' to sell, yeah
So you can go straight to hell
(Manos, manos, manos, manos arriba sucka!)
You won't let me go in style
You say I fit the profile
It don't take long to discover
That I'm the one takin' over
(Manos arriba, sucka!)

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