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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


I can see the raindrops reversing back up
I can see the rainbows above the hill there
Inner self ready, my heart beating tough
I can see the warmth now, we're taking it back

To the main stage come and follow me now
Follow me now
To the main stage ahead come and follow me now

Fighter planes above us drop cargos of love
Knocking out demons with counter attacks
Bet they didn't figure that we would react
We don't need weapons, our chant strong enough


Follow me now

I've have those sticks and stones thrown from all directions
aimed at everything I do
There's always gonna be someone who wants to take it all from you
All you've ever been, all your dreams, all the joy you seek
Replacing it with fear that drags you down and makes you one of them
Lift it to a state of perfect grace
Let your mind create the path you wanna take
Set your goal
Now go make yourself
I don't wanna fly
I don't wanna die
I wanna live
Give my mortal life just a little time to shine again

Spread it... Spirit...

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