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Page after page i sit alone and candle's burning
Page after page, a shiver deep inside my soul
Pen's in my right to write a tale of simple wonder
Enchanting me ... my words of passion

Page after page i sit alone and leaves are falling
Autobiography to search what i have lost
To dream again a life of glory, love and joy
A touch of pride for recollection

I'm alone ... my wife has gone
Ninety years ... my breath is panting
Trumbling, i wish to see the dawn
I'm too old to carry on
I am writing on a page
I am trying to avoid the end

Page after page i sit alone and night is coming
My make-up's fading, i have lost the way of home
A shining light inside my eyes, the page is turning
Infinity's my destination

The story ends, i sit alone and i am waiting
No trace of fear, no trace of joy ... ironic ending
Only regrets for something lost ... a wasted chance
Eternity's my consolation

I'm alone ... all's falling down
Ninety years ... my breath is panting
Someone calls, the voice of my beloved
I am crying, my hearth explodes
And the memories take form
And her voice's all around

A tango by the moonlight
Two dancers in the night
And promises inside a tear , inside asmile
Oh, venice
Two shadows in the sunset
A promenade in silence
A shading red that covers everywhere

A long embrace beneath the stars
And paradise is not so far
Full of emotion
Whispering the word forever
Take me back to that moment!
Did you forget that moment?
A broken voice
The images disappear

Wait me ... don't leave me alone
Venice in vain

The images disappear
Crumbling in tears

All that i see is just a weak reflection
A stripe of colors in my immagination
A dusty photograph, a vague impression
Disappearing shapes

The screaming siren runs for my salvation
A drop of rain, it is my last sensation
A white dressed character, my last protection
But all is vain ... the curtain falls, however

A moving melody sounds everywhere
For twenty years, i waited for this day
A shy smile of a dancing silhouette
Familiar voice
That's whispering
She's whispering

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