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Message to the black man

My people you supposed to be
my poeple aint cha
but my people aint something that i see
cuz they not never you at my shows
weve been all over the globe
ya we been makin the doe
but cha all spending it
my people you supposed to be
my poeple aint cha
but my people aint something that i see
cuz they not never you up on my records
if you at my shows
y'all dont no im about to become boss and
take control

[Verse 1]
It started on the slave shift (slave shift)
if feild niggas would eventually take the day shift
would house niggas inside loyalty may shift
and identify us now we still need a race lift
fuck a face lift i aint changing my identity
for energy for any thats obsenity
now in 2000 and 7 we sippin aint no remidy
jealousy indian murder like you in kinamy
Guess we aint nigga we go hard in the paint nigga
still when you see me out you aint the one who faint nigga
its the other fans from the other lands
they listen to me more then my sister and brother man
I could see if i was a wack mother fucker
bitching about the way my people act mother fucker
but i do spit my people dont be so fuck'n reclusive
Get off of your lazy ass like you know something about music


[Verse 2]
you cry about the way i paint my face
it aint your taste well homie let my state my case
im not a devil or damn jester roomers can fester
never uplift a demond with an image of my ancester
african act like you see me when you be traffican
laughter when you frown up at me your hatrid is baffelin
you watch american idol my people might paint the tribalin
symbolizes not evil but that were still survival
you niggas be so tuff the moment we roll up
your upper lip rollled up you hatin me so wut
everyone knows us my city is sold up
my shows crushed but cha dont show up
they say its more the money bitches whores
its funny this is war my people at his door
and im knocking mean wile we rocking
globally and its sad man
look like attandents
got my people lookin real bad man


[Verse 3]
I wouldnt be bitchin if i didnt want you around me
the way you write me up as a demon astounds me
brother linch, 40 water, federation, dmx,
buster rhymes, quincy, and x clan found me
brother jay homie he whipped me till this day homie
who you know is blacker then that
with a staffer and lack
my people up in the tragidy and they rap
im immaculate maybe they grab it
if i was blastin a mack
attack and my people
cuz im black and im leathel
with this rap but im trapped
but im crack
why you be so close minded
when im rhyme it
wishing you could find it
everybody but you mother fuckers get behind it
and im doper then king nigga
message to weed nigga
rockin sold out shows is where im gonna nigga
and thats all i sell out its something you should see nigga
betcha would come see nigga
if i told you it was free nigga

[chorus] (2x)

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