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Mi historia (en inglés)

My story took place in a poor neighborhood
My life was a ball and was happy getting goals
He played alone but that mattered
Although the day came when I began importing
I never noticed the note that was not
But if so accepted , it may have been by age
Something needed , perhaps the love of a girl
And knowing that there would be a real friend
With 8 years I realized this
Writing poetry with my maturity in that day
And it all happened in a moment

I had 11 years and my own songs
I composed
Most were of love and life
As I said , I had nothing to boast
I assume who I am, because I did if so
But something important arises ...
The music chooses me
Killer Young emerged from the mind of a friend
The only real friend I had in childhood
I met people who really worthless
I became independent
Watch out where you looked

With 12 years began to improve
I thought people wanted to meet me for rapping
No, it was for being a nice guy and friendly
At first I was happy but later passed
I am overwhelmed to be the center of attention
Will miss being alone playing in the corner
Without anyone , bother me or pointed me
And if they did not care at all

With 13 years met the love of my life
What most wanted and would never forget
6 months were very nice but most suffered
The distance is an obstacle and then lost
After this I continued with my other love
The music the only thing that made me live
Summer 2008 I became known around the island
And more people came behind me
And then I decided to go up front
Finding a remedy for every listener
I needed
And not rest but was slowly
It made me feel good that people follow my steps

I turned 14 years and everything was the same
Early to go to class and then home
Write rhymes at night until the wee
And more and more and more rhymes than I caught
People began to make up stories then
Saying that I was a shitty rapper
Saying it was crap as a person
Saying worthless and I knew
And I was angry , I was tired of being good
And swallow my words
I know who I am and I do not presume to lack
And I presume, just saying truths in your ears

Today I have 15 years and
Things change you know
I've matured enough even if you ignore it
And maybe , just follow only when small
But better alone than in bad company seriously
If you reject my work you're wrong
I suffer with the body and I stand
So , today I keep shit Call
When all the shit you are wimps
And I thank everyone who defend me and
Do not judge me , and my music helps him
All my life I 've taught this and of course
Prior to Young Killer 'm Jorge , remember this

I just want you to know, that is what lies
behind me
Everything that happened to me, all that I stay
to spend .
I do not want to hide anything from anyone, not being judged
for something I'm not
Remember that , remember.

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