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Middle Class Panic

Bending over for the social whip
Polish the facade in my pseudo relationship
Did I forget to pay for the gas?
Built my entire life on kissing ass

Oh Jesus, how the lawn has grown
We don¬'t want any damn refugees here, got problems of our own
Our neighbourhood has to be pure
Would you like to live next door to some walking ordure?

Am I being successful enough for you, Dad?
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Promise to fullfill the dreams that you¬'ve had
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Busting my ass ¬'til it¬'s making me sick
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Middle class panic, middle class panic

Working like a slave to belong
Waxing our new Volvo all weekend long
The kids fight about their Baywatch pants
And Mrs Middle Class wants new breast implants

Be a good Nazi and do as I say
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Big Daddy is watching, you can¬'t get away
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Unburden my mind to a local whore
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Die of a heart attack at 34

Microwave owens and cabel-tv
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Rikki or Ophra or some sleazy soap?
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶
Cover up my teen ager¬'s interest in dope
Can¬'t take it anymore‚?¶

My neighboor is messing around with my wife
A delicate little twist‚?¶
While I¬'m being fucked by suburban life
I solve it with my fist‚?¶
But, gee, deep inside I love this mess
The Bold and Beautiful‚?¶
And after all, our barbecue-party was a huge success
Wallow around in bull‚?¶

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