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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Mijn Leven Voor U (Spiritual Resonance)

Woken up in the heart of midnight's shivering romance
Abandoned terrified seemingly ripped apart
Would yu ever realize whether it's a fictional reality
Of your own or a bitter dream derived from hopelessness
You've been kindly sharing with

Is there another reality to seek
Another place, another haven
To hide from a swirling mass
Of questions

Oh those neverending riddles!
And painfilled images of your scornful day

Are you scared?

Take your pills and let another trip begin
Confort these dustfilled voices and words of hurt
Withes everchanging carousel of visions
This crown of redemption is your to bear
In these ageless times of dishonor
You had lustfully foreseen...

... de bruid komt naar de bruidegom
zoal een vlam komt naar 'n lont...

Woken up to sorrows of passing night
Passionate little bird of estrangement born effortless
Dead from inside still longing for stranger reality
Still welcoming this solitary dusk
And she's all yours but would you give your life for her?

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