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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Millieum Mitch

Cruisin down the speck with who?
Texas X and neck gets with a sex kid
and check out the best bitch
but her niggas on some next shit
cause she tested Techs' dick for breakfast
stress hits don't miss dick GO!

Nigga wanna get up in the game with me
poor bitch you never ever meant a thing to me !huh!
nigga wanna come and sing to me
but a bitch wanna do a Tech thing with me !Punk!
never ever meant a thing to me
to get bitchs up in the middle of these !Nuts!
muthafucka wanna bring to me !Funk!
and never did a muthafuckin thing for me to !Dunk!
Once again Mitch Bad gets played
nigga never shoulda layed with a stray hoe
pimp shit displayed this way
they want a nigga when they hit with a ratio
like a bitch I'll call ?amashie?
back at the club she's down on her knees
lickin my balls
outa my drawers
her nigga bust in like awe naa
player hater wanna box with a boot not
cause a hoe bitch got me outa two socks
so we do it in the parkin' lot
i heard a nigga bust two shot
in the bed did a thing with a new pop
nigga a whole lotta roof off
nigga you can bet with a screwed got
hit a muthafucka with the heat Imma about to do it nigga

Mitch Bade Chorus X2

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