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Mira mi ser (en inglés)

You judge me by a past

not considering that the sun does not cover with one hand

in my mind I have violence

murderer by nature,

but try to walk away I call evils that lurk me

practical peace but think of war

for those who feed my hate me think

they wanted to be my back beasts not want to be wolves and sheep

but his sentence will starve

that will never see this meat feeding vulture carrying

and calling experience of street

away not only depend on anyone but my achievements

now listen to my trust is not a virtue

that will devour you use

but only for a position is not the shirt

not pretending contract killings

but I have seen several chances to kill

I am human and between sips and I hate being

beside me always tells me the devil

analyzes the side of good've only seen failure

look how good you consume just be a slave of hunger, thirst and anger hey yo !! hunger. thirst and anger wuee see !!!

look at my being there evil seek ways to hate me !!


now look my being

Today I have evil

Today I cross paths that inspire hate

now look my being,

Today I have evil

Today influencing my thinking beings awaken

Today the rest, and be the act and between the living and the dead me consummated at the end,

I wonder why,

if my actions change,

I see progress instead of dying my faith grow good being

now the war in my mind is of evil against good and I see no options but the day it gives me temptations

and I keep thinking act

and I still think that while life passes me as usual

and seeking a future for my old age but apparently

I am condemned to pay my mistakes yesterday

and or I find out my wrath food and more

and food but hate waiting for the moment to unleash to wake my demons

leave my house how gentle dove

taking the image to see the progress and that's

just an image created by dreams

that man claustra

a sea of comforts me!

Fuck that if the road is very difficult I have I put the balls

to unleash to demonstrate that success in my life come true

and no matter what I observe the world

as a bad example because that always see the bad judging

and do not notice wanting to blame for their failures fears

and bad memories

Today me and wonder consumption

if what ails me be my executioner and fight

my life as it is as there is an entry likewise be an outlet

ajam hope to find the exit

hey yo!


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