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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Miss Celie's blues

Sister, you've been on my mind
Ohâ?¦sister, we're two of a kind
So sister, i'm keepin'my eyes on youâ?¦

I betcha think i don't know nothing,
But singing the blues,
Oh sister, have i got news for you ?
I'm something i hope you think
That you're something tooâ?¦

Ohâ?¦scuffin' i been up that lonesome road
And i seen a lot of suns goin'down
Butâ?¦ trust me, no low life's gonna run me around

So let me tell you something sisterâ?¦
Remember your name
No twister, gonna steal your stuff away
My sister ,we're showing got a whole lot of time
So oh shake your shimmy, sister
Cause honey, i sure is feelin'â?¦fine â?¦

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