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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Monkeys Will Rule The World

Hello everyone
the reason we have all come
the world is going to end
not from a comet...
not from globe warming...
and not from a volcano...
or from another ice age...
but we'll all die when the monkeys rampage!!
everyone will be dead on the streets of new york
they'll sink everyone in california!!!...
the worlds going to be a burning hell
and mostly every one will die as well
and those survivors,
will live through a living hell
they'll force people to hide from the day
that's what i say?
killing every one,
everyone in the..usa
then we'll all be their slave bitch
and if we dont switch,
to there side,
they'll kill us,
and eat,
eat all are insides...
but don't worry,
we were going to die..hehe

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