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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

mr. Bojangles

I Knew a Man, Bojangles
And He Danced With You In Worn Out Shoes
With Silver Hair, a Regged Shirt and Baggy Pants
The Old Soft Shoe
He Jumped So High, Jumped So High
And Then He Lightly Touched Down

I Met Him in a Cell In New Orleans, I Was Down And Out
He Looked At Me to Be the Eyes Of Age
As He Spoke Right Out

He Talked Of Life, Talked Of Life
He Laughed Slipped Away Instead

Mister Boâ?¦Jangles, Mister Boâ?¦Jangles Dance!
Mister Boâ?¦Jangles, Mister Boâ?¦Jangles Dance !

Dance !

Dance !

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