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My Effigy Unfurled And Withered

Torn everywhere by the upheaval of fallen trees,
Scattered by decaying shades behind the forest proper.

I screwed up my eyes against teh shimmering water
That drew to a point of infinity of all shades and shadowy blue and purple.
I could see.

The forest slides over me
As I stand here naked at the dazzling water
My mildness about my mouth
And eyes proclaim my life.
Now i wipe away all ancient memories.

The flavour of flowers unfurled
The rustle of spruce-firs,
Drops of flowing streams will fulfill
Leaving his motive landscape behind
As my body sinks gradually and in composer into water...

Line trees have enshrouded ne for four seasons
Past flowers have withered
And woods have lasted through centuries
Immersed into water leaves have covered me
Like a moist of autumn mist

The sky whirls above me wiping
My ancient effigy away
Nature embraces me into a warp of celestial dreams
So pale and so white
I lost my effigy and now everything seems so bright.

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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